Welcome to Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos

Welcome to the SII-SAN MARCOS

In order to advance towards the goal of converting the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos into a research university, the San Marcos Research Information System (SII-SAN MARCOS) has been implemented.

This system contains profiles of research teachers located by faculty, academic department and research group. SII-SAN MARCOS integrates the information registered in the RAIS System, from the Center of Technological, Biomedical and Environmental Research (Center of Excellence - CITBM) and the San Marcos Foundation, the institutional repositories and blogs of the research groups. All this information allows us to generate profiles of the researchers that generate expertise indexes (Fingerprint) that contribute to the internationalization of our scientific production.

With the SII-SAN MARCOS a substantial change will be achieved in the management of the university's research. Its launch takes place within the framework of the 469th Anniversary of the foundation of our university and we celebrate it by making available the research carried out by its professors and students, to the entire national and international scientific community.

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