Consultoría y Evaluación de áreas someras marinas

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The laboratory activities are aimed to known about the of the marine intertidal environmental and shallow marine areas biodiversity of Peru. The taxonomic work allows documenting and collecting the diversity of invertebrates that live on the Peruvian coast, increasing the knowledge of marine biodiversity. The laboratory has participated in the NaGISA project (part of the Census of Marine Life), and it is currently continuing with rocky shore assessments in four locations on the Peruvian coast within the regional initiative SARCE (South American Research group in Coastal Ecosystems).
In the Laboratory can be admitted students to carry out a research to perform his thesis, focused on invertebrate taxonomy, population ecology, behavioural ecology, life history or morphology.
The laboratory provides the service of analysis of samples of marine benthos and taxonomic identification of algae and marine invertebrates, especially polychaete worms, small crustaceans and smaller groups. The equipment and materials necessary for sample collection and laboratory analysis are available.


  • QH301 Biology