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Internships at the Centre d'Optique, photonique et laser (COPLA), Université Laval, Quebec - Canada, through the post-doctoral (BEPE-PD) for a period of six months in order to implement the experimental research in nanophotonics and plasmonic, developed in the National Institute of Optics and Photonics - INOF. This research will involve the study of processes of interaction of visible light or infrared nano-structures with metal (gold or silver - planar nanodevices) deposited on dielectric substrates. These substrates are tellurite glasses doped with rare earth ions (Er3 and Er3 -Tm3), widely used in the manufacture of optical amplifiers. The main objective of the project: Planar waveguides for optical telecommunications with Plasmonic (2009/08978-4 process), is the manufacture of nano-waveguides in the window of optical telecommunications, with increase in the length of spread of plasmonic (guided light) in the channel. Currently nano-waveguides can spread plasmonic insufficient (below 20 um) due to resistive losses of the metal. In this case the solution proposed in the project was to embed the nano-tab in a medium with gain (glass tellurite doped with Er3+/Er3+-Tm3+) in order to increase the propagation length of plasmôm seeking technological applications in optical telecommunications (optical amplifier with high bandwidth). In this sense, the experimental study should be performed by SNOM (scanning near-field optical microscope) on the nanostructures described. Additionally the manufacture of other substrates with gain and, nano-fabrication techniques for nanodevices. (AU)

Effective start/end date1/05/1231/10/12


  • Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo


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