Anthropology, ecology and mining in the Andean communities

Fabiola Yeckting Vilela, Iván Ramírez Zapata

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This article will present the transformation of rural mining communities in the Andes and its problems in relation to habitat and natural resources as a result of the impacts of extractive industries in the Andean region. For this, we will use theoretical tools displayed in recent discussions of ecological anthropology, focusing on changes in territorial and communal settings, and its cultural dimensions. The article aims to show comparative cases in the Andean region: Tintaya and Cotabambas, in the southern Andes of Peru, and Oruro and Potosí, in Bolivia, where the impact on population is evidenced by the transformation of the living conditions, cultural change of industry coexistence projects and farmers, as well as impacts on the environment and space configuration.
Original languageAmerican English
Pages (from-to)187-204
Number of pages18
JournalRevista Espanola de Antropologia Americana
StatePublished - 10 Aug 2012


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