Approach of Performance Analysis for Controllers of Software Defined Networking

Martin M. Soto-Cordova, Gabriela Chavez-Hidalgo, Roel Niquen-Ortega

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© 2019 IEEE. Software-defined network (SDN) is a trend in network administration and monitoring. It promotes a new way of the various network activities, such as neighbor discovery, load balancing, routing, etc. All these services are initiated and organized by the programmable SDN controller, which is considered as the brain of the Software Defined Networking. This paper explores the best known controllers as OpenDaylight, Floodlight and Pox, and comparatively analyzes the performance characteristics of these based on parameters such as bandwidth usage, delay and jitter. Finally, the corresponding analysis results are discussed.


Conference2019 Congreso Internacional de Innovacion y Tendencias en Ingenieria, CONIITI 2019 - Conference Proceedings
Period1/10/19 → …


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