Diagnóstico ecográfico de hidropesía fetal en una perra mestiza

Translated title of the contribution: Ultrasound diagnosis of hydrops fetalis in a crossbred bitch

U. Jacqueline Cahua, T. Gabriela Cuesta

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It is described describe the clinical case of a 1-year-old crossbreed bitch, with a dystocic delivery of 12 hours that presented a fetus in a foot position in the pelvic canal. The ultrasound study revealed two apparently normal live fetuses and two with severe anasarca, pleural effusion and ascites, one of which had caused dystocia. The patient was subjected to a cesarean section. The ultrasound findings were confirmed by necropsy of the fetuses with dropsy. In addition, two of the fetuses presented palatoschisis.

Translated title of the contributionUltrasound diagnosis of hydrops fetalis in a crossbred bitch
Original languageSpanish
Article numbere20041
JournalRevista de Investigaciones Veterinarias del Peru
Issue number2
StatePublished - 23 Apr 2021

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