Interacción con los grupos de interés (Mipymes) mediante el servicio de extensionismo técnológico

Translated title of the contribution: Interaction with the interest groups (Mipymes) through the technical extensionism service

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This article shows the results of the execution of the project “Technological extension services to improve the quality and productivity of manufacturing of micro and small enterprises (MSMEs) in Lima and Callao”, the same one that was executed by the Faculty of Industrial Engineering of the UNMSM (FII) and financed in the form of INNOVATE PERÚ and the FII. The formulation and validation of a model of Technological Extensionism applied to MSMEs was carried out, for this purpose, 52 companies were intervened in which successful results were achieved in terms of achieving interest and improving their production systems. As the main results of the present investigation, we have the following: A model of technological Extensionism, standardized procedures, to know the needs of MSMEs, to establish strategic alliances with other institutions outside of Peru and finally to initiate the activities of a technological extension office in a public university. These results are relevant since MSMEs are a very important player in the country’s economy, they are also organizations that are reluctant to change and very jealous with their information. Finally, this experience constitutes a starting point for other universities to replicate it, adapting it to their environment.

Translated title of the contributionInteraction with the interest groups (Mipymes) through the technical extensionism service
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StatePublished - 2020

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