New endemic species of Anthurium (Araceae) from Río Huallaga, Peru

Thomas B. Croat, Jorge Lingán Chávez

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Ten new species of Anthurium (Araceae) are described from Amazonian Peru. Nine of the species, A. carpishense Croat, A. cerrateae Croat & Lingán, A. debilipeltatum Croat, A. josei Croat, A. linganii Croat, A. longissimilobum Croat, A. pradoense Croat, A. puberulum Croat & Lingán, and A. timplowmanii Croat, are from a single area of high endemism in the southern Huallaga River Valley of Huánuco Department near Tingo María, and the area between Tingo María and La Divisora; and one species, A. pulcachense Croat, is endemic to an area in the middle Río Huallaga valley in San Martín, Peru.
Original languageAmerican English
Pages (from-to)146-163
Number of pages18
Issue number2
StatePublished - 23 Jun 2008


  • Anthurium
  • Araceae
  • Huánuco
  • IUCN red list
  • Peru
  • Río Huallaga
  • San Martín


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