New social housing programs and urban land markets in Peru

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© EURE. The Peruvian government is implementing a housing program (Programa Techo Propio Adquisición de Vivienda Nueva [[]AVN]) aimed at low income sectors. However, this program has encountered several problems during its implementation, mainly in the form of a significant imbalance between housing demand on the one hand, and the low number of housing projects that have taken place in the country, coupled with the price of urban land, on the other. This paper presents an approach to this situation based on qualitative and quantitative analyses, aimed at evaluating the results of the program. Together with a literature review of pertinent research on the subject, research was carried out on two case studies (the cases of Lima and Trujillo), through the application of a survey and in-depth interviews, using a comparative perspective in order to relate the Peruvian situation with other Latin American countries
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StatePublished - 1 Jan 2015


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