Sarcopenia y albumina sanguínea: revisión sistemática con metaanálisis

Translated title of the contribution: Sarcopenia and albumin blood: systematic review with meta-analysis

Jack Roberto Silva-Fhon, Violeta Magdalena Rojas-Huayta, Juan Pablo Aparco-Balboa, Bernardo Céspedes-Panduro, Rosalina Aparecida Partezani-Rodrigues

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The sarcopenia is characterized by the diminution of the musculature in the person during the aging process that can bring consequences for health. There are several ways to identify it, one of which is the use of blood biomarkers, among them the albumin for the results that are not yet definitive to confirm the association between the two. This review synthesizes the knowledge about the association between sarcopenia and serum albumin in major adults through systematic review and meta-analysis. It is a systematic review of etiology and risk factors using the JBI framework. A search was carried out on the MEDLINE, Embase, CINAHL, LILACS databases and the manual search was carried out by the reviewers independently. For the meta-analysis, EPIDAT version 3.1 was used, for differentiating averages with albumin pellets disaggregated by sarcopenia through the random effects model. The degree of heterogeneity was evaluated with the Q of DerSimonian and Laird. We analyzed 630 articles of the 14 which were part of the review. In the metaanalysis, major blood albumin punctures were found to be statistically significant in those larger adults who did not present sarcopenia in front of those who presented it. Although there are studies that explore the association between albumin and sarcopenia, there is a need to continue evaluating the association of biological markers and to compare them to identify which ones can be used for sarcopenia in the elderly people.

Translated title of the contributionSarcopenia and albumin blood: systematic review with meta-analysis
Original languageSpanish
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Issue number3
StatePublished - 2021
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