Planar waveguide for telecommunications from plasmons

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We intend to develop inside of the National Institute of Optical and Photonic the research in nano-plasmonic and nano-phtonic in the University of São Paulo in São Carlos into IFSC. This research will consist of the following topics research: (1) Researches experimental of the interaction of visible light with metallic structures whose dimensions are below the wavelength of the visible and infrared light (2) Design and production of planar optical elements with properties no lineal for amplifiers optical that operate in petahertz frequencies (3) Study and analysis of transmission models in planar structures as ground for the project of functional devices as amplifiers, in the optical domain (petahertz) (passive devices) (4) Development of techniques of nano-fabrication for the implementation of devices photonics in nano-scale.

Fecha de inicio/Fecha fin1/11/0930/11/13


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