V Encuentro Internacional de Arqueología Amazónica (VEIAA)

  • Diaz Arriola, Luisa Esther L.E. (Investigador principal)

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The 5th International Meeting of Amazonian Archaeology is a space for discussion and diffusion of outstanding scientific investigations realized in the Amazonian Basin during recent years. This event takes place every three or four years in South America (Belem, Brazil-2008, Manaus, Brazil-2010, Quito, Ecuador-2013, Beni, Bolivia-2017), and it was going to take place in Lima, Peru, from 20th to 23rd October 2020, but it was suspended because of the Covid19 pandemic until 14th-17th september, 2021. In its beginnings, this event was considered an academic space for Amazonian countries. Now it is also open to Peru, Bolivia, Colombia and Ecuador, countries with Andean territories which have also important archaeological investigations in their Amazonian regions. For 2021 we expect more than 100 scientists from all over the world working in this region to debate the recent findings about paleo-environment, the origins of Amazonian settlements, anthropogenic landscape modification, cultural development, rock art, iconography, ideology, as well as the new approaches from Amazonian ethno-archaeology. And for the first time, the conference will discuss the rubber boom period from an archaeological approach. In a very dynamic space we will present and discuss interdisciplinary and inclusive investigations, with emphasis on the continuity of pre-Columbian populations in modern amazonian inhabitants, which evidence can be found in their cultural manifestations, including artistic expressions and native alive languages.
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