Optical properties of Er3+ doped GeO2-PbO glass: Effect of doping with Bi2O3

Luciana R.P. Kassab, Windson G. Hora, Whualkuer Lozano B., Marcos A.S. de Oliveira, Glauco S. Maciel

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The optical properties of binary and ternary germanate glasses 40.3GeO2-59.7PbO, 31.3GeO2-26.8PbO-41.9Bi2O3 and 31.5GeO2-40.4PbO-28.1Bi2O3 (wt%) doped with Er3+ were investigated. The Judd-Ofelt intensity parameters were calculated and the near-infrared luminescence as well as the upconversion efficiency was analyzed. We observed that the ternary germanate glass containing the highest concentration of Bi2O3 presented the largest emission bandwidth for 4I13/2 4I15/2 transition and the highest infrared-to-visible upconversion efficiency among the samples studied. These results demonstrate that not only the presence of Bi2O3 but also the careful choice of its molecular weight plays a key role in optimizing parameters for using germanate glasses for photonics applications.

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PublicaciónOptics Communications
EstadoPublicada - 15 ene. 2007
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