Robust sliding-mode formation control and collision avoidance via repulsive vector fields for a group of Quad-Rotors

Jaime González-Sierra, Alejandro Dzul, Héctor Ríos

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This paper is focused on solving the collision avoidance problem for a group of Quad-Rotors which are affected by external disturbances when they are moving in a horizontal plane by means of Repulsive Vector Fields (RVFs). The RVFs are included in an attractive potential function control strategy, that allows the Quad-Rotors to reach the desired position in a geometric pattern, together with a Continuous Sliding-Mode Control (C-SMC) strategy based on Sliding-Mode Observers (SMOs) that are used to estimate, in a finite-time, the linear and angular velocities, respectively. For this purpose, a parameter, which depends on the distance among the Quad-Rotors and their velocities, is designed in order to scale the RVFs properly. In this sense, the repulsion force will be proportional to the velocity and acceleration of the Quad-Rotor when it detects any obstacle. A RVF not properly scaled may result in a collision or a Quad-Rotor movement far away from its desired position. The combination between the C-SMC strategy, the SMOs, the attractive potential functions and the RVFs robustly solves the formation control and avoidance collision problem under the presence of disturbances. Numerical simulations illustrate the performance of the RVFs when the Quad-Rotors are in risk of collision.

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PublicaciónInternational Journal of Systems Science
EstadoPublicada - 19 may. 2019

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