Transfobia, maternidad protésica e identidades no heteronormativas en Loxoro (2011) de Claudia Llosa

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The following article analyzes Loxoro (2011), a short film by Claudia Llosa. This film was part of the “Fronteras project” (a series of Latin American short films produced by cable television TNT) and in 2012 it was awarded the Teddy Award at the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival. It is intend-ed to demonstrate that in Loxoro a complaint is made against the social conditions to which trans-vestites are subjected, whose bodies are violated, disappeared or discarded. Likewise, it is desired to prove that this film presents a series of repre-sentations of non-heteronormative identities that challenge the cisheteropatriarchal system. These identities have the capacity of agency, and their actions subvert some basic institutions of this sys-tem, such as motherhood and language. Indeed, in Loxoro a prosthetic maternity is proposed, which is understood as the replacement of a member that is part of the mother-child kinship relationship, by another entity, which is responsible for reproduc-ing the role that one of these members played in such relationships. In addition, in the text, such identities subject language to transformations that not only make it an artifact of communication as a differentiated group, but also constitute a way of violating order, deconstructing the language of power, adapting it to its vital priorities.

Título traducido de la contribuciónTransphobia, Prosthetic Motherhood and Non-heteronormative Identities in Loxoro (2011) by Claudia Llosa
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  • Agency
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